Alisdair Mark Talbot Kelly (1957 – ) is an Irish-Canadian designer and photographer.


Alisdair Mark Talbot Kelly is a self taught Irish-Canadian designer and photographer.

During his diverse 30+ year design career, in Canada and the United States, Talbot Kelly designed signage, identities and print, murals, furniture, exhibitions, and interiors.

In 1982, Talbot Kelly worked with his father and a brother as TKA. The practice centred around an innovative 3d modelling and drawing software and hardware system (CAPITOL) that Giles Talbot Kelly developed with Dr Graham Webster at Middlesborough Polytechnic University. This technology was central to the varied exhibition and graphic design work TKA was involved in for the next dozen years. In 1993, Talbot Kelly moved to San Antonio, Texas, where he worked for

Talbot Kelly designed corporate identities for a variety of businesses and events including:

Talbot Kelly lives in Seattle WA, with his wife Lisa.



Seattle, WA




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